Graphic Design

Graphic design has become synonymous with business and career, especially in the marketing world. Thus, if you want to enter the world of graphic design, Prosoft Nepal is the right place to enhance and develop your skills.

Prosoft Nepal offers a comprehensive, and integrated graphic design course where you learn the complete package of visual identities powering today's top labels, companies, and organizations. Graphic design is storytelling through pictures, and you will learn how to combine entrepreneurship and the latest techniques with product and user-centered design. A graphic designer uses various tools like typography, color, design, art, visual hierarchy, and even web design to make the best outcome of their client's ideas. A career in graphic design entails using communication tools to change people's perceptions and influence them through your art. You can change people's lifestyles with a simple idea.

Thus, learning graphic design at our institute means you learn about Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. We provide an overall basic idea of all these, but if you want to focus on a specific graphic editor tool, then you can choose only one.


·         what is InDesign and how to use it

·         Document setup like creating, viewing and navigating

·         Page creation and its type

·         Graphics and formatting objects

·         Color, points, and paths

·         Use of table

·         Printing and packaging


·         Introduction

·         How to work with document setup

·         Drawing and transformation

·         Selections (making and saving)

·         Shapes and objects

·         Color, path, points, gradients, pattern fills, blends, layers, type

·         Effects, symbols, painting


·         Introduction of photoshop and benefits of photoshop

·         Working with images

·         Techniques of selection, Layers, Painting tools

·         Ways of photo retouching

·         Colcor correections

·         Using mask and mask mode

·         Pen tool

·         Special effects

·         Printing and exporting