Java Training

What is Java?

Java is a turing-complete programming language, which means it is imperative, object-oriented, and concurrent. It is one of the most used, fastest, most secure, most reliable, and easiest programming languages. There is a saying that if you can program in Java, you can program in any other programming language.

Why java?

Java is a highly competitive programming language that means it is flexible, easy to use, has paid development, and has libraries of prewritten code. Another reason why Java is popular is that it is the de facto programming language for developing Android apps. While Android differs slightly from JDK, developers will find it to be very similar.

Java's API is extremely comprehensive.The standard JDK includes approximately 200 built-in packages with Java APIs for anything from XML processing to time zone conversion. If programmers add the Jakarta EE APIs, developers are given a significantly larger library of APIs to work with, allowing them to create complicated, middle-tier apps and cloud-native microservices.

Another feature of Java is its ecosystem. Java’s ecosystem helps a developer execute a program perfectly. Here are some ecosystem tools: Gradle (an open-source tool), Maven (which solves management problems), Jenkins (a delivery tool), Tomcat, Red Hat's, Quarkus, and many more

Career prospective

Due to its flexibility and security, Java programming is a highly demanded programming language around the world. Java has had a significant impact on the Nepalese market, so there is a high demand for Java programmers. You can build a prospective career with a six-figure salary.

Java Training at Prosoft

If you want to build a career as a programmer, then Prosoft is the perfect place to develop your skills and creativity. We offer advanced Java programming, core Java programming, and basic Java programming. If you are already familiar with basic Java, you can use advanced or core Java programming for further development as a Java programmer. We have designed our Java course according to market demand; thus, you can learn in real-time scenarios. We assist you in developing the entire app until the end of training. Experienced professionals teach this in-demand programming language. Our professionals are always ready to answer your queries and solve your problems.

Basic Java

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Object oriented (Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and object oriented)

Module 3: Structure (syntax, classes, flow control, building components)

Module 4: Developing GUIS (user interface, classes, event handling)

Module 5: Storing and recovering the data (files and directories)

Module 6: Relational database

Module 7: Java development tools

Advanced Java

Module 1: Basic Java

Module 1: Anatomy of a Class & Interface, Annotations

Module 3: Polymorphism, Event Handling, Internationalization

Module 4: Exceptions, Apache Log4j, Regular Expressions

Module 5: Collections & Generics

Module 6: Working with Files

Module 7: Concurrency

Module 8: Working with Databases

Module 9: Network Programming

Module 10: Making Code Robust

Core Java

Module 1: Basic Java

Module 2: Interface, inheritance, numbers and strings

Module 3: packages, exception handling, file handling

Module 4: Threading, Generics, Collection

Module 5: java database connectivity

Module 6: Introduction to Java 8 Lambda Expressions

Module 7: Streams, Lambda Expressions and Enhancements